Wellness and Disease Management Programs That Work

Despite questions as to whether wellness programs actually work, companies are still pouring money into them. The industry ballooned from a $1 billion one in 2011 to $6.8 billion five years later, according to an IBIS World analysis.

—Bloomberg News

Wellness and disease management programs do “work” as long as the goals are clear and expectations are realistic regarding the likely results and investment required for different types of programs.

Wellness and disease management programs come in all shapes and sizes, from motivational efforts that cost the employer nothing, to sophisticated disease management programs where ROI can be tracked, to any combination of the above.

Buying every employee a Fitbit™ is not going to reduce claims costs, but it may boost morale. Making sure the employees with diabetes or serious heart conditions adhere to their treatment regimens will reduce costs, but it requires an investment.

With so many options and off-the-shelf products claiming to be “wellness programs,” employers need a strategy with clear goals and realistic expectations for their program to be a success. Veritas has implemented successful Wellness and Disease Management programs for dozens of employers.

— Utilizes a strategic approach and proven methodology to ensure your program meets your objectives.

— Custom designs a wellness and disease management program to your unique needs.

— Uses our extensive market knowledge to help you select the appropriate vendors from the hundreds available.

— Partners with you to implement and manage the program, taking the administrative burden off your plate.

For more information, contact Greg Hopkins, Senior Vice President, Partnership Development, at greg_hopkins@veritasrs.com