Everlong by Veritas: The Better Way

Everlong is a better way to purchase group health insurance. An exclusive, member-owned medical Captive, it enables employers to offer the same level of group health benefits at the lowest cost possible AND improve the health of their employees.
Veritas is an exclusive broker-consultant for Everlong, which works only with select brokers who embrace the captive concept and are willing to bring innovative solutions to improve their clients’ health plans.

Veritas works to provide its clients with the best benefits plan possible, one that finds the right balance he between affordability and employee satisfaction and recruitment.

As the most cost-effective and transparent solution available for group health care coverage, the Everlong Captive is an ideal fit for most middle-market employers.

Everlong Members save significant amounts of money through an innovative insurance and funding solution that takes the profits that health insurance carriers make and pays that money back to Members as owners of the Captive. Everlong also assists Members in implementing sophisticated initiatives to improve the health of their employees.

Watch the video to learn more.

To arrange an initial meeting, contact Greg Hopkins, Senior Vice President, Partnership Development, at greg_hopkins@veritasrs.com or 630-601-1506.