Veritas takes a strategic, analytical approach to benefits.

We leverage our expertise to help clients develop a long-term benefits strategy that is aligned with their business goals and that strikes the right balance between minimizing costs to the employer and maximizing value to recruit and retain employees. This enables clients to proactively take control of their benefits, rather than reacting to unending shifts in the market.

In the complex, changing world of employee benefits, “winging it” is simply not an option. Veritas has invested heavily in developing and implementing rigorous processes for administering benefits so clients are confident that nothing slips through the cracks.

Our approach may be buttoned down, but that doesn’t stop us from providing innovative, creative solutions. Our work with large companies across the country gives us experience with the latest innovations and best practices in employee benefits, which we customize to meet the needs of employers of all sizes.


Broker, agent, consultant. These are some names for firms like ours. At Veritas, we prefer partner.

We don’t just broker benefits plans, act as our clients’ agent, or only provide consulting expertise. We partner with our clients. Each Veritas client has a dedicated team that helps them to fill the gap between the ever growing demands of managing benefits and always limited internal resources. And our low turnover means Veritas’ clients keep the team they’ve come to trust and rely on for years.

Veritas’ service and support covers in all areas of benefits, including administration, claims advocacy, compliance support, and employee education and engagement. Providing exceptional service and support to our clients is part of the DNA at Veritas. Sometimes this involves working late into the night to make sure a client has the information they need for a management meeting the next morning. Sometimes it’s staffing open enrollment meetings to help employees understand their benefits. Sometimes it’s simply adhering to Veritas’ policy of returning all client phone calls and emails by the end of the day—at the latest.

This gives clients peace of mind knowing that whatever their needs, the Veritas team is there for them.


We are passionate about doing the right thing for our clients.

So passionate that we chose to name our firm Veritas, which is Latin for truth.

We demonstrate our passion in more tangible ways as well. We are and will remain independent, so clients can be confident that we put their interests first. We detail up front all forms of compensation and what services our compensation covers, so clients can assess the value we provide.

And our rigorous processes include an Annual Plan that clearly spells out our responsibilities as well as monthly reporting on work performed so that we are accountable for our performance.

Case Studies

Cutting Costs with an Innovative Captive Option

The company saved almost $19 million over eight years when compared to remaining fully insured, despite more than doubling the employees on the plan.

Providing Five-Star Service “Faster than Jimmy John’s”

Veritas’ exceptional service and speed enabled a two-person HR team to effectively serve the benefits needs of 250 full-time and 2,000 part-time employees.