Working For Us

We partner with middle market organizations to improve their employee benefits plans.  We know that there is a best benefits program possible for every group, and we get them there.

We have significant growth goals, so there is significant individual growth potential.

Internally and externally, we live by our Purpose and our Core Values.

Our Purpose:  We do all that we do so we can make our clients very happy, build new client relationships, have a fantastic place to work, and be very generous to those in need.

Our Core Values:  Be good friends to each other and never gossip, clarity and honesty always, attain the best benefit program possible for the client, exceed expectations of clients and team members, search for new opportunities at prospects and clients, and seek perfection in client and prospect communications.

We have a new, high-end office in an easy-to-reach location and a fantastic compensation and benefits package.

The bottom line is that we are “A Players” making good things happen and enjoying our time together.  If you want to know more, listen to what some of our team members have to say.