Live Well, Work Well

Addressing employee health and wellness can benefit an organization’s productivity and bottom line as well as the health of its employees. Live Well, Work Well is Veritas’ monthly e-magazine on health and wellness education and tips.

The June issue explores the intermittent fasting diet trend, the health benefits of massages, and the dangers of smokeless tobacco.

May’s issue looks at new dangers from e-cigarettes, preventing children from abusing prescription medications, managing asthma, and the eight foods that cause the most food allergies.

The April Live Well, Work Well includes useful information on how healthy snacking can provide you with needed fuel, the dangers of distracted driving, and keeping your pet safe from poisonous items that are commonly found around the house.

This month’s issue looks at the deadliest flu season in a decade, offers advice on how to eat healthy without spending too much, and discusses how important getting enough sleep is to good health.

This month’s issue discusses two chronic conditions that can cause cancer, explains a how a common cold can be contagious for longer than you think, and looks at how avocados are a legitimately a healthy food.

This month’s Live Well, Work Well highlights Thyroid Awareness Month, provides winter sports safety tips and explains three steps you can take to prevent a workout-related injury.