Working For Us

We partner with middle market organizations to improve their employee benefits plans.  We know that there is a best benefits program possible for every group, and we get them there.

We have significant growth goals, so there is significant individual growth potential.

Internally and externally, we live by our Purpose and our Core Values.

Our Purpose:  We do all that we do so we can make our clients very happy, build new client relationships, have a fantastic place to work, and be very generous to those in need.

Our Core Values:  Be good friends to each other and never gossip, clarity and honesty always, attain the best benefit program possible for the client, exceed expectations of clients and team members, search for new opportunities at prospects and clients, and seek perfection in client and prospect communications.

We have a new, high-end office in an easy-to-reach location and a fantastic compensation and benefits package.

The bottom line is that we are “A Players” making good things happen and enjoying our time together.  If you want to know more, listen to what some of our team members have to say.

If this sounds like the kind of environment you would thrive in, please apply today to one of our open positions.

VP of Partnership Management

We’re looking for somebody with deep employee benefits experience to be the VP of Partnership Management for a group of current clients as well as newly acquired clients in the not too distant future.  Early on, when only managing a handful of clients and learning the Veritas way of service delivery, the VP of Partnership Management will be the primary point of contact for all client matters.  Down the road, as more new clients are brought on to the VP’s “book of business,” we’ll be hiring additional support Associate(s) that will report to the VP and help manage the day to day client work, freeing up the VP to focus on more strategic client work.

We highly value our team members so we invest heavily in training, collaboration, and getting each new VP of Partnership Management off to a good start.  With regard to each middle-market client, we have high standards for strategy development, annual planning, decision making backed up with solid analysis, effective employee communications development, vendor negotiation, and quick response and turn-around of work products and client requests.

This is a key role that will have high visibility in our growing firm.

Base compensation will depend greatly on experience and overall fit for the job.  Also, ensuring that we all work together in bringing in new clients, the VP of Partnership Management gets a very generous first year incentive for any new clients brought on board that will be part of their group of managed clients.

Required:  minimum six years employee benefit consulting/brokerage experience, bachelor’s degree, and Illinois Health and Life license.